P & L Farms

To Phil and Lesia Hamaker, the food they grow nourishes more than just the body, it nourishes the spirit.

Rooted in their faith in God, they see P & L Farms as an opportunity to be good stewards to the land.

“I believe we’re here to take care of the Earth. Everybody’s got their own role to play in that,” Phil says. “Our job is to take care of the land that we had been blessed to be responsible for so it can be productive for years to come.”

That means carefully observing the soil on their farmland that straddles the Arkansas-Louisiana border and raising grass-fed beef that isn’t treated with antibiotics.

“I don’t want anybody else eating what I wouldn’t eat,” Lesia says.

Phil and Lesia both grew up eating produce out of their own gardens and meat raised on their families’ farms.

“I don’t even know what store-bought meat even tastes like,” Phil says.

Being able to share the homegrown taste of rib-eyes, brisket, tomatoes and watermelon with their market customers is a true pleasure for the Hamakers. 

And while factors like the weather make farming predictably unpredictable, the couple’s love of watching beautiful things emerge from the dirt remains constant.

“To get up and see what actually has produced overnight, I get excited,” Lesia says.

Sometimes the littlest things are everything.

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