The Arts Revitalize Arkansas's Original Boomtown, HERE Magazine
In many of America’s forgotten towns, the decision to stay has transformative potential. Thanks to the work of Austin Barrow, an Arkansas expat who returned home to build the newly minted Murphy Arts District, El Dorado has gone from deteriorating municipality to cultural hub. Read More
Photo by Jay Paul
Brad Paisley, left, and Smokey Robinson will perform during a celebration of the new Murphy Arts District in El Dorado, Ark. (John Shearer/Getty Images; Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images)
In a small Arkansas town, Brad Paisley and Smokey Robinson will open new arts district, LA Times
El Dorado, a historic oil boom town in southern Arkansas, will celebrate the grand opening of its new arts district by pulling out all the stops with performances by Brad Paisley, Ludacris and ZZ Top. Read More
Going MAD in El Dorado: arts district breathes new life into former Arkansas oil boomtown, Lonely Planet
With the opening of a stunning new arts district, the tiny town of El Dorado, Arkansas is hoping for gold-rush tourism levels. A former oil boomtown, El Dorado is currently not high on the travel radar. But once MAD — the Murphy Arts District — opens on 27 September, leaders are hoping that the city will become a destination on a par with Marfa, Texas or Woodstock, New York. Read More
A family shops at a grocery store in El Dorado, AR in 1955
This Small Southern Town Is Spending $100 Million to Keep People from Leaving,
How far would your town go to ensure its prosperity? El Dorado, Arkansas,120 miles south of Little Rock, was once the state's wealthiest town. An oil boom in the 1920s brought a steady surge of people and economic growth for the first half of the 20th century, but by 2010, its population had dropped by several thousand, hovering at under 19,000—where it remains today. Read More
The Griffin Restaurant
Boom Town, Do South Magazine
From September 27 through October 1, a trove of iconic musicians will be performing in El Dorado, Arkansas. Lyle Lovett, Train, ZZ Top, Ludacris, Brad Paisley and Smokey Robinson, headline four days of music along with many other great musicians.  Read More